Electron emitters / Cathodes / Filaments

Yttria coated filaments have many advantages compared to non-coated.

Here you find some reasons why you should give your filament a Y2O3 or LaB6 coating.


  • Y2O3 has a much lower electron work function as tungsten (Y2O3 - 2.eV; W - 4.3eV; Ir - 4.9eV)

          -> that means you need less energy (temperature) to emit electrons

  • the cathode will work up to 600K cooler compared to a non-coated one
  • As final result your cathodes will live up to 3 times longer


We coat every kind of filament, independent of the shape, material and dimension. As material we mostly use Iridium or tungsten. The wire we do supply.

With our improved coating procedure we achieve a strong adhesion, therefore we do not have shipping problems due to the coating. The coating is also shock resistant.

Our worldwide customers from different market segments appreciate our coating service.


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