Thorium Oxide Coating

Thorium oxide coating
Thorium oxide coating


Thorium oxide coating

(for filaments and separating layers)



We coat filaments from a wide range of materials with Thorium oxide.

Our improved coating process has numerous benefits compared to commercial filament coatings.


Before processing we consult our costumers to find the best solutions for their application.


Our Thorium oxide coating process also allows to coat sheets, rods, cathodes.




ThO2 coating

Some reasons why you should prefer ME- ThO2 coating vs. commercial ThO2 coating

  • longer lifetime
  • strong addhesive forces -> no device contamination through micro particles
  • shock resistant
  • no shipping problems
  • fast delivery
  • incl. material and bending
  • best price guaranty


 We have ThO2 coating experience with the following materials:


- Iridium    

- Tungsten

- Molybdenum

- stainless stell

- Aluminium

- Graphite


ThO2 coatings are used in a wide range of applications.



For further questions or informations don`t hesitate to contact us.

Thorium coating

Thorium coating is ultra high temparature resistance coating. The Thorium coating provides exceptional protection of graphite, ceramic and metal components exposed to reactive molten metals such as titanium, uranium etc. It is usable up to 1700°C.

We coat every kind of material, surface and shape.

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