Al2O3 Ceramic cutting

Precision cutting or lasing of Al2O3 for different applications (inclusive cleaning and degasing for high vacuum applications)


Thickness of ceramic:0.1mm-4mm

Tolerance: +/-0.03mm




- Alumina (Al2O3) (96% oder 99.6%)

- Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

- Zirconia  (ZrO2)

- Silicon carbide (SiC)

- glass ceramic



We cut the ceramic in accordance with drafts and clean and degase it for high vacuum applications



Available ceramic substrats: 0.1mm - 6mm -> Range: 160 x 113mm und 114mm x 114mm


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Al2O3 99.6%
Al2O3 99.6%

Ceramic cutting with high precision Laser systems

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